Trigram K'an, the Abysmalabove K'an the Abysmal, Water
Trigram Li, the Clingingbelow Li the Clinging, Fire

This hexagram is the evolution of T'ai Peace (hexagram 11). The transition from confusion to order is completed, and everything is in its proper place even in particulars. The strong lines are in the strong places, the weak lines in the weak places. This is a very favorable outlook, yet it gives reason for thought. For it is just when perfect equilibrium has been reached that any movement may cause order to revert to disorder. The one strong line that has moved to the top, thus effecting complete order in details, is followed by the other lines. Each moving according to its nature, and thus suddenly there arises again the hexagram P'i, Standstill (hexagram 12). Hence the present hexagram indicates the conditions of a time of climax, which necessitate the utmost caution.